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Biglio is a simple-to-use partner management platform that helps you better manage your Partners & Clients’ Relationships. Biglio helps you to create projects and manages to handle multiple users of a company. Posting Internal Reviews on another company. With the categorization of Partners, Biglio proves very simple and a handful.


On working with Biglio, the efficiency, and management of RFPs & Proposals become easy. Share RFPs across multiple companies without any limits. Mark availability on the calendar for your day-to-day activities.

Upgrade to Premium to know more about the data and insights of Biglio. From client & vendor contacts to RFPs, proposals, and NDAs to internal and external communication.


Partner Management Platform: Biglio is a comprehensive partner management platform that helps businesses effectively manage their partners and client relationships.

Project Management: Biglio enables users to create and manage projects, allowing for the efficient handling of multiple users within a company.

Internal Reviews: With Biglio, users can post internal reviews on other companies, facilitating collaboration and feedback.

Categorization of Partners: Biglio provides a simple and convenient way to categorize partners, making partner management more organized and streamlined.

RFP, and Proposal Management: Biglio offers efficient management of Requests for Proposal (RFPs) and proposals, simplifying the process and enhancing productivity.



Partner and Client Relationship Management: Simplifying the management of partners and client relationships.

Efficient RFP and Proposal Management: Streamlining the handling of RFPs and proposals for improved productivity.

Centralized Data and Insights: Providing access to consolidated data and valuable insights for informed decision-making.


Project Goals

  • Improve Partner and Client Relationship Management.
  • Streamline RFP and Proposal Processes.
  • Centralize and Leverage Data and Insights.


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    Dave S

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    I have Known BitCot for 4 years and have been impressed with the diversity and quality of BitCot work. With that solid foundation it was really easy to select BitCot as our development partner.