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Paxxie helps in capturing unforgettable experiences and moments. It is really helpful for the person who is behind the camera capturing wonderful moments. Well, it’s time you BE IN THE FAMILY PHOTO! BE IN THE VACATION PHOTO! BE YOU!

With Paxxie you can access the community of talent to capture those special moments. By booking a photographer, videographer, drone, or just someone to help capture the story.


The Client can browse the Paxxie community of talent. They can chat and discuss with the talent via Paxxie’s Chat. Once all is done, the talent may send the link with all contents captured. With instant upload, the content is immediately available in the event album.

The talent can use a camera phone, digital camera, drone, or fancy or nonfancy equipment to make money. You can upload the photos and videos you have created to the talent profile. You can schedule, message, and manage your events. You can also capture or stream live stories. And the great part is you GET PAID to snap a photo, Paxxie handles the payment situation easily!



    Community of Talent: Paxxie connects users with a community of talented photographers, videographers, and drone operators who can capture special moments.

    Booking System: Users can easily book a photographer, videographer, or drone operator through Paxxie’s platform.

    Chat Functionality: Paxxie’s chat feature enables clients to communicate and discuss their requirements directly with the talent.

    Content Delivery: The talent can conveniently send a link to the client containing all the captured content.

    Instant Upload: The content captured by the talent is immediately available in the event album through instant upload.


    Quality Assurance:
    Ensuring consistent quality standards across different talent members and their work.
    Matching the availability of talent with the client's desired time and date can be a challenge.
    Facilitating effective and seamless communication between clients and talent to meet specific requirements.
    Trust and Reliability
    Building trust and ensuring reliable experiences for clients and talent.
    Payment Security
    Ensuring secure and reliable payment processing for both clients and talent to maintain trust and transparency.

    Project Goals

    • With Paxxie, you can access a community of talent to capture all those special moments.
    • Book a photographer, a videographer, or a drone, or just get someone to take pictures of you! Be the star of your story or simply help someone capture their story and get paid.


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