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Node.js Development Services

We offer a wide range of Node.js Development Services to our clients across the globe as follows:

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    Web and Mobile UI/UX Development

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    Node.Js Web App Development

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    Node.Js Real-Time App Development

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    Node.Js Enterprise Application Development

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    Node.Js Custom Application Development

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    Node.Js API Development and Integration

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    Node.Js CMS Development

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    Node.js Team Augmentation

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    Nodejs Ecommerce Marketplace Development

Partner with us to develop trendy feature-rich responsive node.js web applications development in the following areas:

  • E-Learning platforms
  • Online video streaming
  • Digital and mobile wallets
  • Web-based applications
  • BFSI applications
  • Social Media platforms Social
  • Hiring platforms
  • Domain register platforms
  • Email applications
  • Web browsing applications
  • Travel and hospitality applications
  • ECommerce platforms

Engagement Models - Node JS Development

Planning to harness Node.js for your next project? Hire Node Js developers from BitCot and get the best minds to help you transform your valuable idea into reality. You can hire Node.js developers with flexible engagement options such as ‘Fixed Cost Project’ basis or ‘Monthly Dedicated Hiring’ model according to your requirement.

Node JS Development-BitCot

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We have successfully delivered digital products for over 300+ clients.

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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What is Node.js in web development?

    Node.js is a runtime environment that allows you to build and run applications using JavaScript. JavaScript programs can build various server-side tools and apps using the open-source, cross-platform runtime environment known as Node.js.The runtime is designed to be used in situations beyond browser contexts. It enables you to create software and scalable network services that work both on-premises and in the cloud.

    Node.js is a framework for quickly creating scalable network applications that is based on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime. Because Node applications use non-blocking I/O, they may be written in JavaScript and can handle numerous connections at once with good throughput.

    Node.js uses Java as its programming language and is extremely scalable because it runs in a single thread. Additionally, it employs asynchronous, event-driven I/O.
    This makes it possible to access a single thread rather than several threads.It’s possible to attain good performance even with just one thread.

    Node.js provides a powerful framework for creating apps that meet your demands.
    The best aspect of Node.js is how simple it is to use for developing web apps, and how simple it is to accomplish business objectives while working on Node.js web apps utilizing the tools they give.

    • Development of Server-Side Web Applications
    • Dashboard for Monitoring Applications
    • Node.js Working In Data Streaming

    Both front-end and back-end development are done with Node.js, however, there are a few things to know about cross-platform server-side JavaScript frameworks. This post tries to clarify some common misconceptions about Node.js, and explain how it can be used for both frontend and backend development. Also, provide you with advice on how to utilize Node.js successfully in your upcoming project.

    An open-source framework for developing server-side applications, Node.js is built on Javascript. It has a robust core library and makes it simple to create scalable network programs that can manage heavy loads.

    An open-source framework for developing server-side applications, Node.js is built on Javascript. It has a robust core library and makes it simple to create scalable network programs that can manage heavy loads.

    Node.js may be used to create a wide variety of apps thanks to technological advancements.
    In terms of performance and scalability, the technology has a lot to offer both established businesses and startups in the present.

    • Project management software
    • Facebook applications
    • Platforms for dialogue
    • Applications for streaming video live
    • IoT devices and applications for gaming

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