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There are over 20,000 websites using Ruby on Rails and my favorite few are built on Rails framework are (AirBnB, Github, Groupon, ZenDesk, Hulu, SoundCloud, Indiegogo). Quality is an important key to any successful development project and BitCot is one of the trusted name for rendering the best and quality-rich Ruby on Rails development in San Diego.

We provide a complete spectrum of Ruby on Rails development services in San Diego, New York, Boston, London, Chicago, Dallas & San Francisco, CA.

We are known for our Ruby on Rails web development. We are proficient in Agile web development with Rails building amazing, complex and challenging apps with a robust, reliable back-end, and a clean, intuitive user interfaces. Trust us to translate your ideas into reality.
Ruby On Rails Development Services

Ruby On Rails Company

  • A Lot Less Configuration Data
    A Lot Less Configuration Data
    Provides a lot less configuration of data and brings up basic functionality quickly.
  • A Lot Less Code
    A Lot Less
    Makes it easy to modify the existing code or add new features to the site.
  • Quick Basic Functionality
    Quick Basic
    You can create your own building blocks for plug-and-play functionality.
  • Incremental Building of New Functions
    Incremental Building of New Features
    Allows your apps to be expandable and multi-purpose in building new features.
  • Integrated Testing
    Rails integration tests closely resemble controller tests at the API level.

Being a Notable Ruby on Rails Development Company,
BitCot is Adept in Following Areas

  • Web Portal Development

    We deliver high performance solutions for various portals like news, entertainment with robust content management and distribution features.

  • Custom ROR Web & Application Development

    Get high quality custom ROR web and application development services delivered with utmost timeliness.

  • ROR Web 2.0 Development

    Our ROR development follows the Web 2.0 philosophy to render designs that are more interactive with simple yet powerful UI.

  • Layout Design

    Expect highly fluid layout design from our developers as it ensures responsive websites that adapt to the screen size of the device.

  • E-Commerce Application Development

    We develop online storefronts with great features that offer unmatched shopping experience to the users.

  • ROR Installation & CMS development

    When you choose us for ROR based services, rest assured of hassle-free ROR installation and CMS development.

  • ROR Support and Maintenance

    Apart from development services, we are also proficient in providing round the clock support and maintenance to our valued clients.

  • ROR Installation & CMS development

    When you choose us for ROR based services, rest assured of hassle-free ROR installation and CMS development.

  • ROR Portal Development

    Whether you require news portals or a portal for internal business processes, our ROR portal development service is the perfect choice.

Ruby on Rails Developers

Our developers specialize in custom application development using the Ruby on Rails framework. Exploiting technologies, carefully selected for long term effectiveness and maintainability, we create amazing web sites and web applications based on the RoR framework.

Whether you are interested in using ‘Rails’ for your start-up enterprise, or you already have a site that is developed on this framework, BitCotX can help you with customization, support, maintenance, and development. We have worked in close partnership with businesses to turn their stimulating ideas into successful and user friendly applications.

Our key RoR Development Services comprise

  • API development using ROR with MongoDB or PostgreSQL.
  • RoR custom application development.
  • Web application development.
  • Application migration to ROR.
  • Redesign and improvement of websites / applications.
  • ROR CMS development services.
  • Development of blogs, widgets and social networking site based on Ruby on Rails.
  • ROR eCommerce application development.

Why BitCot for Ruby on Rails Development Services?

  • We are well familiar with Rails’ ecosystem.
  • We are equipped with a talented and highly experienced team of ROR developers.
  • You can hire ROR Developers to help support your website.
  • We employ the best practices related to agile web development with Rails and follow Agile Scrum methodology.
  • We have successfully worked on dozens of custom ROR projects for clients across the world.
  • We sign MutualNDA with our clients and you own the Intellectual Property Rights.

Whether it’s a full-featured social commerce or social networking site, creating blogs & widgets, websites with complex google and custom maps, or a mobile app - RoR is TechnoScore’s preferred web framework to use. Our dedicated Ruby on Rails Developers are world-class experts in RoR web-application framework for developing well-architected, scalable applications. We are proficient in the following technologies:

Rails 2.3.12 & 3.1, 4.2
MySQL, PostgreSQL
Github , Bitbucket

What is Ruby on Rails?

An open source framework, Ruby on Rails eases the creation of complex, database-driven web applications. Encouraging agile development, Data-driven decision making, and clean, pragmatic design by automatically dealing with routine code and adhering to the DRY principle, it allows us to focus on your specific needs, quickly and efficiently.

Multitudes of RoR apps are already live – used by minuscule part-time operations to the high-traffic websites of prime companies such as Square, White Pages, Shopify, Fiverr, Twitter and MTV. Being an open source framework, it is actively supported by a vibrant ecosystem of more than 2,200 contributors, together with the Rails core team.

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