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Your safety matters, Obtain a Process Automation order and protect yourself with one

Filling out your own paperwork is difficult. We make that our issue rather than yours. Here's how we make the process of guiding you through it as simple as possible.

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Common Process Automation Order Use Cases

Compliance with legal regulations

The system must comply with all relevant legal regulations and guidelines for orders.

Efficient case management

The system should allow order managers to efficiently manage and track orders, with features such as automated case management and tracking of violations.


The system should be able to handle a large volume of requests and orders, with the ability to scale up as needed to meet demand.

Process Automation Web Builder Features & Capabilities

Recognizing the need for order

The first step for a client in obtaining an order is to recognize that they are in danger and need legal protection.


Attorney reviews of your application

After reviewing your application, a team of attorneys will discuss any queries or suggested revisions with you.


Filing a petition

The attorney will help the client prepare and file a petition for an order with the court. The petition will include information about the client, the person they seek protection from, and why they need an order.


Your court application has been submitted

In order for the judge to consider our request for an order, we file your application with the court.


Temporary order

If the judge believes that the client is in immediate danger, they may issue a temporary order that will remain in effect until a hearing can be held. The attorney will help the client understand the terms of the temporary order and ensure that it is properly served on the person they are seeking protection from.


Issuance of a permanent order

If the judge determines that the client needs ongoing protection, they will issue a permanent order. The attorney will help the client understand the terms of the order and ensure that it is properly served to the person they are seeking protection from.



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