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BitCot is your trustworthy go-to Android app development company. Among the various domains we use to build mobile and web applications, Android is perhaps the most versatile because of the variation in devices on the market. Our passionate team of mobile app designers and developers can help you create an innovative Android mobile application, ensuring maximum success.

Our Android team has in-depth experience with mobile applications for all devices. When creating an application, our focus is on user-friendly design, the best user experience and leading-edge functionality through integrated app development. Our design and development teams work closely together to deliver an innovative finished product that looks great and functions at its best.

Our Android developers are well versed in a variety of technologies used in the development process. Based on your needs and the complexities of the application, we will make recommendations on which technology will provide the best fit for your end users.

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Leading Los Angeles based Android application development company with Android developer experience in building over 100 apps. We have the best Android app developers for building beautiful and robust aps.

Android Activities
Android Activities
Android Fragments
Android Fragments
Android Services
Android Services
Android Content Providers
Android Content Providers
Android Broadcast Receivers
Android Broadcast Receivers
Android UI, Custom Components
Android UI & Custom Components
Android Bluetooth Low Energy
Android BLE
Android Notifications (Firebase)
Android Notifications (Firebase)
Android Location Services
Android Location Services
Android Theme and Styling
Android Theme and Styling

Mobile technology experts

Mobile is maturing as a medium, and with maturation brings about libraries, SDKs, APIs, and an immense amount of integrations—both direct and 3rd party. Our team is well-versed in a multitude of integrations and pre-built modules, and can learn and research throughout the development cycle for fast, efficient ways to build the applications. Mobile apps are more successful when experienced engineers integrate with the best practice 3rd parties.

Strategize, Design, Develop


Strategize, design, develop & deploy native mobile experiences

Stomp Sessions connects you with local experts and pros to explore more and get better faster to have more fun in the sports you love.

Stomp Sessions is a simple mobile platform that matches athletes with local experts and pros to help you explore more and get better faster. Stomp is piloting at a few select resorts this spring for skiing and snowboarding and will add new sports, such as skateboarding, SUP and mountain biking later this year.

Book a Stomp Session to Follow a Local Around and learn the secret spots have a Skill Sessions to perfect that turn or progress that next trick, or Ride with a Pro for an experience of a lifetime. Each session includes a photo or video captured by your certified Stomp Coach..

Check out the STOMP SESSIONS app in the Play Store and you’ll see the breadth of integration and work.


Plantronics 2015 PLT Labs Application Innovation Contest

App is built to help first responders reach the site of an emergency faster. App uses the built-in sensors to raise an alert in the event of a car accident or colli-sion.

PlanetCar uses data gleaned from the headset to detect violent head movement or a vehicle free fall. The app allows 60 seconds for the user to cancel false alarms. If the alert is not canceled, it will send an SOS notification to emergency contacts and first responders.

Check out the PLANET CAR app in the Play Store and you’ll see the breadth of integration and work.

Plantronics 2015 PLT Labs Application Innovation Contest
Top Productivity app in the App store


Top Productivity app in the Play Store.

CommitTo3 is a goal tracking app designed to keep you moving in the right direction. Find your focus and accomplish more of your goals -- just complete 3 important tasks each day!

Make 3 commits when you plan your day (Focus on your most important tasks first!).
Check commits off as you complete them.
See your productivity increase and keep moving forward!

Check out the COMMITTO3 app in the Play Store and you’ll see the breadth of integration and work.

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