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Industrial metal supply is a company that provides metals and other metal-based items. The Order is placed in a third party application called Bistrack in the real time scenario and the order comes to our system once cron run every 2 minutes. We show the order details and customer information, notifications and many others.


User Roles: This Application has 4 Roles Associate, admin, manager, and super admin, and no sign-up.

Order Update: Once the order is created/updated it will be updated in our system and the main cron job pulls the data every 2 minutes to retrieve it.

Bot Service: A bot has been designed for the ease of the customer to track the order status and delivery purposes.

Notifications: Multiple notifications have been developed for each service and they will be sent to the real customers based on the features.

Quote generation: Quotes are automatically sent for customers once it is generated with a few attachments and payment links added.



This project mainly deals with handling data from the upstream database using a cron job and feeding that into the internal database. This app is employee friendly that streamlines the process and enhances the overall experience for the salespersons and other employee who uses it in the organization.


Project Goals

The primary goal is to create a user-friendly app that simplifies the business process in IMS Successfully integrating with the systems to obtain parking availability, Order status updates, waiting time and other relevant data is crucial for the app’s functionality and accuracy.

The app should streamline the reservation process, reducing the time and effort required for users to find and book parking spaces.

Ensuring the accuracy of information, reliable reviews, and secure transactions will help build trust among users, leading to higher adoption rates and positive user experiences.

Our Value Addition

Chatbot Automation

Chatbot is incorporated in such a way for the customers for contactless delivery that when a customer arrives at the warehouse they need to text the number that they see physically on the board.

Once the order number is provided immediately the response will be sent automatically regarding the order.For eg if the order is ready once the customer texts the order number the response will be “Thank you, please wait while we bring your order”.

Similarly, the response will change accordingly.



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