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Adjoin-RPA provides a comprehensive guide for the data mapping and updating in the e-billing system process. This process involves mapping the details from the billing report containing data on work hours for different services provided across different regions (SDRC, CVRC, RCOC, and VMRC) to consumer working hours data from a separate sheet. The scraped data is then normalized and processed using the Power Automated Tool. The automation of these tasks has significantly reduced manual effort and improved data accuracy and timeliness.


Calculate Staff Hours per Client: This involves calculating the total number of staff hours worked for each client. It requires the system to aggregate the hours logged by staff members assigned to a particular client and keep a running total of the hours worked.

E-billing: Authorized Hours Limit: This ensures that the total staff hours logged per client do not exceed the authorized hours specified in the billing report and e-billing portal. The E-billing portal enforces this rule by checking the authorized hours for each client and preventing any excess hours from being logged or processed.

Service Provider Mapping: This involves utilizing a mapping sheet to map specific services to their corresponding service provider codes. The mapping ensures the accurate assignment of service providers based on the specific services on the billing report.The utilization of the mapping sheet facilitates streamlined service provider selection and improves operational efficiency by providing a consolidated resource for accurate service-to-provider mappings.

Consumer Name Mapping: This involves utilizing a mapping sheet to achieve the mapping of consumer names between the billing report and the invoice details page of the e-billing portal. When processing the consumer names, the system references the mapping sheet to match the consumer names from the billing report with their corresponding names on the invoice details page.



Adjoin has an Excel report that includes details of the working hours spent per day by each employee on different projects and needs to send these details to the clients using a third-party billing system where a user manually enters these details into the system.
Automation may encounter exceptions or errors that require specific handling. This includes scenarios such as missing or invalid data, system errors, or connectivity issues. Proper error-handling mechanisms should be implemented to address and resolve these exceptions effectively.


Project Goals

Prepare and cleanse the data: apply necessary calculations and business rules, and automate the entry process into your regional center’s E-billing portal.

Data Accuracy: Our bot ensures up to 90% data accuracy, significantly mitigating potential data entry errors, and providing a reliable base for calculations and invoicing.

Compliance Made Easy: Our bot ensures full compliance with Regional Center standards and regulations, eliminating this stress.

Productivity Boost: By automating labor-intensive tasks, we have seen a 40% boost in team productivity, as resources are redirected from data entry to tasks that truly drive your organization forward.

Our Value Addition

Empowering Automation

    • Reading and logically manipulating Excel data


    • Accessing browser UI elements, beneficial for interacting with UI components


    • A user-centric interface for crafting workflows


    • A system to visually design workflows via drag-and-drop, with the flexibility to modify the logic as per specific requirements


    • Capability to refine the logic, insert or delete steps, and integrate business regulations to align the automation process with distinct needs.



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