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The JWFloors mobile application features a QR code validation system that tracks when apprentices check in and check out. The app will also track lunch breaks by noting the times when the apprentices take their lunch in and lunch out. Each apprentice will be assigned specific delivery locations, and the app will provide navigational assistance to guide them to each customer.


Customers will have the ability to raise questions related to a particular delivery and request replacements or provide additional notes to the apprentices.



    Apprentice timecard data week-by-week

    Document and video sections for apprentices

    Apprentice report card feature

    Checked-in work orders section

    Badges section for apprentices

    Notes section to assign notes to job numbers

    Daily Routes section for apprentices

    Feedback section for apprentices

    Language change option


    QR Code API’s Integration for clock-in and clock-out and jobs
    Data storage after clock-in
    App crashes during QR code scans
    QR code library implementation with API
    Offline synchronization
    Timecard status and no-punch view function
    Punch details not showing on the dashboard
    Recycler view function changes and drawer navigation menu function
    Application main base theme function
    Recycler view with fragment controls


    Project Goals

    • The goal of the JWFloors Documentations app is to streamline apprentice work schedules and improve their work experience.
    • The app's features offer an easy-to-use and personalized interface for apprentices and provide admin features such as a chat section and timecard approval.


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