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Customers can create personalized labels on the Nextgen Label website by selecting fields, colors, logos, and sizes, and a dynamic preview is provided.


It provides a selection of materials, group discounts, and a simple checkout process for a variety of payments. One cutting-edge platform lets you visualize, customize, and order.


Label Customization: Customers can personalize labels by selecting fields, colors, sizes, and logos, and specifying single or multiple areas for customization.

Material Selection: A diverse range of materials is available, each with its distinct properties. Customers can choose the ideal material for their labels, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality.

Bundle Discount: Bulk orders are incentivized with bundle discounts, encouraging customers to place larger quantities of label orders.

Search Functionality: A search bar simplifies label browsing, allowing customers to quickly locate specific labels or materials.

User Accounts: The platform offers personalized accounts, enabling customers to manage their label designs, orders, and preferences conveniently.

Shopping Cart: Customers can add selected labels to their shopping cart, review their choices, and proceed to checkout seamlessly.

Checkout Customization: At checkout, customers can easily update quantities, review their orders, and choose from multiple payment options to complete their purchases.



Complex Customization Logic
Implementing a robust system to accommodate diverse label customization options, including fields, colors, sizes, logos, and multiple/single areas, required intricate programming and design.
Material Integration
Integrating a wide range of materials and allowing customers to choose them seamlessly while visualizing the impact on the final product demanded meticulous planning and execution.
Bulk Order Management
Designing a coherent bundle discount system and managing bulk orders presented challenges in terms of pricing calculations and order processing.
Checkout Flexibility
Providing a flexible checkout process that allows customers to modify quantities, select payment methods and review orders required a user-friendly interface and efficient backend integration.

Project Goals

The main goal of the Nextgen Label website project was to provide a user-friendly, feature-rich platform that enables users to easily design and order customized labels for their products. The project’s objectives were to improve the ordering procedure and the overall label modification experience.


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