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Our project is targeted to help users to get connected with doctors by sitting in their homes, to create the conditions for good and equitable health among the entire population, and to end avoidable health inequalities within a generation.


The project tries to solve the problem of limited healthcare access due to geographical barriers and lack of infrastructure leads to avoidable health inequalities.



    Appointment creation: The appointment button helps users set their meetings according to their requirements. It includes bookings, filters, and requests.

    Booking: This is a page that lists all the health issues that an individual can suffer from.
    The list helps the user identify and make bookings according to their schedule.

    Filters: This helps users get the perfect practitioners who can resolve the individual’s problem. An individual can choose a practitioner by seeing their Total clients, Years of experience, and Clients Review.

    Request: After identifying health issues and selecting the practitioners an individual can directly request an appointment with the practitioners. The request is directly sent to the practitioner then they can approve or reject your request according to them.


    To provide seamless service between doctors and patients via video call.


    Project Goals

    • Social connectivity
    • Available in the form of an app
    • User Friendly
    • Health Care Guidance


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      Dave S

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