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Sprockids places great emphasis on practicing an active lifestyle, taking responsibility for one’s actions, and having empathy for others.


Instructors prioritize the importance of etiquette, fair play, and leadership, while also highlighting the crucial role of self-esteem and confidence.


This program will focus on the essential skills needed to be a good mountain biker.

Multi-meeting program exploring various trails that is suitable for intermediate riders.

The Jumping Fundamentals clinic teaches riders how to safely and effectively.

Trail rides for riders with experience on intermediate terrain.

Intermediate + rides. Coaches utilize terrain and features to teach riding skills.

Riders young and grown are invited as we explore local trail systems.

Grab your lights and join us for an evening exploring our local trails.



Our courses offer a variety of options for young riders and their families. From our after school programs, various clinics to our adventure rides; Sprockids offers an experience that suits the needs of all developing mountain bike riders. We are booking now for the events listed below! We highlight that fun and play is key to long lasting learning. Instructors focus on the importance of etiquette, fair play and leadership while emphasizing the critical role of self-esteem and confidence. We foster a strong sense of community, reinforcing the importance of taking care of ourselves and each other. We celebrate and invite cyclists of all abilities, races, ethnicities and backgrounds to join us on the trails.


Project Goals

  • Sprockids teaches strategies that enable our participants to effectively handle conflict resolution with an emphasis on solution-based problem solving.
  • Sprockids teaches goal setting which is then reinforced through our tracking sheets where kids get stamps for each skill learned.
  • Sprockids San Diego provides a healthy outlet to youth through mountain biking, regardless of their ability, socioeconomic status, or other personal characteristics.
  • Our "Sprockids code of ethics" emphasizes the importance of trail advocacy, proper trail stewardship and the importance of being a good custodian of our natural areas.


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