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Digitize  and Automate with Software

  • Affordable premium software development for construction companies.
  • Digitize and future-proof your construction business effortlessly.
  • Upgrade your systems with cost-effective, high-quality software solutions.

We specialize in top-notch software development for construction companies, ensuring premium quality without hefty investments, simplifying business modernization.

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Welcome to Bitcot – Your Ultimate Work Management Solution

Unlock the full potential of your business with our comprehensive suite of services

Effortlessly and accurately track and manage your team’s time with our intuitive timesheet tools. Streamline your workflow and gain valuable insights into productivity.


Optimize your operations with our advanced scheduling features. Effortlessly plan and organize tasks to ensure smooth and efficient workflow.


Simplify your financial processes with our secure payment solutions. Ensure timely and accurate payments, keeping your business transactions seamless.


Harness the power of data with our insights tools. Gain a deeper understanding of your business performance through detailed analytics and reporting.

All the features you need, under one login

  • User Roles And Permissions
  • Simplified Project Management
  • Seamless Communication
  • Streamlined Financials
  • Communication Transparrency
  • Focused Operations


  • Know What Your People Are Doing, And Where: At A Glance, See Everyone Who Is Clocked In, Where They Clocked In, And Their Activity With Our Built-In Time Clock Feature.
  • Keep Your Bookkeeper Sane: Real-Time Reporting, Filtering, And Exporting Makes Timesheet Management Easy. Make Life Easier For Your Team Members With Quick Clock-In/Clock-Out From Web Or Mobile Without Extra Apps Or Spreadsheets.
  • Save On Payroll: Pay For The Time Team Members Actually Log, Not What They “Remember” To Write On Their Timesheets.
  • Keep Your Bookkeeper Sane: Real-Time Reporting, Filtering, And Exporting Makes Timesheet Management Easy.

Live-automated Dashboard

Streamlined User Dashboard

Effortlessly monitor project performance and track progress with our live-automated dashboard.

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Improve Productivity through seamless Communication

  • Predictable And Manageable Projects
  • Real Time Collaboration And Tracking
  • Information At-Hand At All Times
  • Improving Performance
  • Better Communication With All On Board

We build custom software that lets you focus on your core business

From the finances to the finish outs, your custom construction management system lets you customize the
way you track and manage each of the many facets of your construction projects.


Customer Relationships

From designing and implementing the pre-sales marketing campaign to capturing leads.

Financial Tools

BitCot custom management solutions integrate with third-party providers, such as QuickBooks and others.

Building Management

The most critical and complicated piece of the construction industry the construction.

On-Go Field Management

All this management power isn’t limited to the back office. Mobile applications allow field employees.

Efficient Project Collaboration

Facilitate seamless collaboration among project stakeholders for enhanced productivity and communication.

Real-Time Reporting

Access real-time insights and reports to make informed decisions and track project progress effectively.
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Process Automation

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Digital Document Signing Online

  • Fully Automated Digital Signature Processing
  • Save Time, Money & Paper Work
  • Improves Document Accuracy With Best Practices
  • Make Sending And Receiving Integration Easy
  • Enhance Customer Service Using Easiest Digital Signature Solution
  • Improve Efficiency And Provide High-Security
  • Save All Evidence Into The Storage

Case Studies

Construction Management Software for Builders and Contractors of All Shapes & Sizes

Whether you’re a national builder or a boutique outlet, project management is key to your success, your reputation, and your bottom line. That’s why we offer custom solutions for builders of all kinds. Building single-family homes, luxury mixed-use condos, or large office buildings, construction projects have countless moving parts, and their progress relies on dozens of variables, many of which are out of your control. But custom software makes it simple to keep everything running smoothly, automating management and empowering your business — and its buildings — to grow.

Why People Choose Us?

BitCot is designed to connect teams to achieve maximum productivity

Customized Construction

Unlike off-the-shelf options, custom software precisely caters to your construction business, addressing unique needs with tailored features.

Improved User Experience

Tailored software enhances user experience, boosting team productivity by aligning closely with workflows and processes.

Full Control and Scalability

Custom software gives your company ownership, allowing adjustments for growth. This ensures control over the system’s value and scalability for expanding teams.

Scalable for Growing Teams

Custom software scales effortlessly with your construction teams’ growth, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

Adaptable Construction

Custom software adapts to your business needs, seamlessly integrating with third-party solutions for efficient construction management.

Continuous Improvement

Custom software enables ongoing enhancements, keeping your construction management system current and competitive in the evolving landscape.