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Stages In Mobile App Development


This stage involves no costs but here you need to set clear goals of your app & establish the MVP, basic features and terms.


The wireframe is like a blueprint for your application. It determines the structure and flow. The wireframe is essential for your graphic designers as well as your developers.

UI design

This step determines what the user experience will be like. The look and feel, colors, and various design elements are implemented. This stage is crucial because it defines the brand identity. It would help if you created a memorable yet highly efficient interface in delivering the best possible user experience.

Coding and programming

You bring the whole idea to life at this stage. This is the crux of your app development procedure which makes all the features functional. Depending upon the complexity of your thesis, the complexity of programming also changes.


Before you release your product into the market, you must make sure that everything works. That is what the testing phase is for. If there are any bugs in the program, you can fix them before the product is released. Experts also recommend releasing a beta version of the application before releasing the final one. It helps you get feedback directly from your customers to make changes accordingly.

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