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Raj Sanghvi is a technologist and founder of BitCot, full-service award-winning software development, and app creator company. With over 15 years of innovative coding experience creating complex technology solutions for businesses like IBM, Sony, Nissan, Micron, Dicks Sporting Goods, HDSupply, Bombardier, and more, Sanghvi helps build for both major brands and entrepreneurs to launch their own technologies platforms.

Together with BitCot, Raj has assisted over 300+ clients in developing mobile apps, web & SaaS platforms. BitCot’s latest focus is on utilizing emerging technologies such as AI, machine learning, and blockchain to come up with next-generation disruptive digital products and solutions. BitCot has received multiple awards including San Diego Chamber of Commerce for”Most Innovative Service or Product,” along with the Grand Prize at Plantronic’s Innovation Contest because of its cross-platform mobile program, “PlanetCar.”

For each and every partner, Raj’s goal is to build great technologies, pioneering the digital transformation, bit by bit.

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    Raj Sanghvi

    Raj Sanghvi

    CEO BitCot

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