The 5 Coolest Augmented Reality Games that You Absolutely Need to Play

13. 06. 2017

“Boys never actually grow up, their toys just get bigger and more expensive” – you can pretend to …

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Top 10 Tools for Building a Custom iOS or Android App

07. 06. 2017

Are you holding yourself back from developing a breakthrough app just because you’re daunted by the lines…

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Top 6 Announcements at WWDC17

06. 06. 2017

Apple’s long awaited annual Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC17) is finally here! Held at San Jose…

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Top 10 Marketing Strategies to Launch a Mobile App

02. 06. 2017

The opportunities in the tech world today are simply mind boggling. There are already over 2 billion Android…

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Top 10 Things Unfolded in Google I/O 2017

29. 05. 2017

It’s a while already since Google I/O 2017 concluded, but even now, the tech world is throbbing with anticipation…

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Will Google’s TensorFlow Lite be the Game Changer for Machine Learning in Mobile Apps?

20. 05. 2017

This year’s Google I/O amazed the world with yet new incredible tech ideas. For Android app developers, it…

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The Disruptive Growth of Digital Health

26. 04. 2017

Digital healthcare is currently having a seismic effect in the tech world with new innovations blazing the …

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The Difference between Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

05. 04. 2017

Today, read any tech article or news and you will be fired with the terms “Artificial Intelligence”, “Machine…

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