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The Buttonwillow project is an innovative system designed to capture images from Bluetooth cameras and classify them using Android/iOS devices.


This cutting-edge technology allows the identification of seatbelt usage and mask-wearing, while also enabling the labeling of images for various objects such as wallets, bottles, and other items.


Cross-platform Functionality: The Buttonwillow app supports both Android and iOS devices and facilitates seamless image capture and uploading to a client-server.

BLE Device Integration: The project integrates a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) device, which can be easily controlled via Android and iOS devices, ensuring a user-friendly experience.

Safety-focused: With a strong emphasis on customer safety during travel, the system aids in monitoring seatbelt usage and mask compliance for passengers.

Unique Vehicle Identification: Every new vehicle is assigned a unique ID, and multiple companies can register to use the system, with each company having exclusive rights to their vehicles and cameras.

Image Labeling Studio: Users can upload images to an image labeling studio, allowing easy classification of images for various attributes like masks, seat belts, object detection, and occupancy.



BLE Device Connectivity
Developing and connecting the External BLE device to the Android app presented challenges that required careful resolution.
Connectivity Issues
Occasional disconnection of BLE-connected devices had to be addressed to ensure smooth operation.
Corrupted Image Handling
Techniques to handle captured images showing corruption were developed to maintain data integrity.
Camera Device Connectivity
Overcoming issues related to camera device disconnection was crucial to the project's success.
Long BLE Scanning Time
Some unique device BLE scanning processes took longer than expected and required optimization.
Frequent Image Upload
Implementing the upload of front and back camera images every 20 seconds was a technical challenge that was effectively tackled.
Customizing Label Studio
Customizing the label studio for efficient image labeling proved to be complex and time-consuming.

Project Goals

The primary goal of Buttonwillow is to offer a taxi external BLE device for image capture and server uploading. The app is available for both iPhone and Android users. Clients can access our services and view images, using unique Company IDs to identify specific vehicles and their captured images on the web.The Buttonwillow project combines advanced technology with a focus on safety, making it an essential tool for modern transportation services. With its multi-platform support, user-friendly BLE device integration, and robust image labeling capabilities, it is set to revolutionize the way images are captured, classified, and utilized in various industries.


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