• Send your friends 24-hour challenges for cash rewards.
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WHY iNominate?
  • Silly, serious, crazy or inspiring, if you can picture someone doing it, they probably will! It all starts with you. Download the app to start nominating!

iNominate - iOS Mobile App

iNominate is the fun new way to dare, challenge, motivate and inspire your friends for cash rewards. Nominate a friend to complete a challenge. Once they accept, they have exactly 24 hours to send you video proof. Do a backflip, do a shot, do the dishes, hug a stranger, streak the Super Bowl! What they do is up to you!

You can literally nominate anyone to do anything. Do a backflip, sing on the subway, mow the lawn, punch a shark in the face, hug a stranger, streak the Super Bowl. Here’s how.