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QAI is an online platform for Creating Equilibrium, which is a solutions-focused, innovation forum that aims to foster radical new approaches to solving critical global issues by building bridges between world-renowned technologists and world-saving environmentalists.


The website showcases the events and initiatives of Creating Equilibrium, such as the Visions Conference, the Village Green Festival, the EQ Accelerator, and the Green Event.



    The video guide explains the concept and purpose of Creating Equilibrium.

    The Visions Conference is a two-day event that inspires leaders to visualize and unearth real-world solutions to environmental crises.

    The EQ Accelerator is a program that supports entrepreneurs and innovators who are developing solutions for environmental challenges.

    The Village Green Festival is a music and arts festival that celebrates sustainability and creativity.

    The Green Event is a commitment to making Creating Equilibrium a carbon-neutral and zero-waste event.


    Ensuring the content remains up-to-date and pertinent, showcasing the present and upcoming events and initiatives of Creating Equilibrium.

    Attracting and captivating individuals passionate about environmental concerns and resolutions.

    Presenting concise and persuasive details on ways visitors can contribute to or engage with Creating Equilibrium.

    Securing an accessible, intuitive, and responsive website experience across various devices and browsers to accommodate all users.


    Project Goals

    • To increase knowledge and inform visitors about current environmental challenges and possibilities.
    • To highlight the accomplishments and influence of Creating Equilibrium and its network of pioneers, inventors, artists, and advocates.
    • To motivate visitors to actively participate and support the Creating Equilibrium movement.
    • To secure funds and assets for Creating Equilibrium through contributions, partnerships, ticket purchases, or merchandise sales.


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