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This case study revolves around a Scraping Automation project that involves extracting data from a large and complex website using Python Scraping tools, such as Scrapy and Selenium. The project’s main goal is to automate the web scraping process and subsequent data processing, leveraging Apache Airflow to orchestrate and schedule the scraping tasks. The scraped data is then normalized and processed using Python’s Pandas library before being stored in a database. The automation of these tasks has significantly reduced manual effort and improved data accuracy and timeliness.


User Role: To implement and manage the scraping automation, the project requires a group of developers, data analysts, and database administrators.

Scraping automation: Python Scrapy and Selenium are used to automatically extract data from complex websites, including those containing JavaScript elements, through web crawling and scraping, respectively.

Pandas is a strong Python library that is used to clean and organize the scraped data so that it is ready for analysis and storage.

Automated Pipeline: Apache Airflow, a well-known workflow automation tool, efficiently plans and automates the data processing and scraping operations.

Scalability and Efficiency: The scalability of Scrapy, Selenium, and the automation offered by Apache Airflow enables the project to manage huge and complicated websites for extended durations.

Data Normalization: Utilizing Pandas, the scraped data is normalized, ensuring consistency and uniformity for easy integration with other systems and analytical purposes.



Scraping Large and Interactive Websites: Effectively getting the needed information proved challenging when extracting data from vast and dynamic websites.

Data from different sources had to be processed and normalized, which was difficult and required work to organize the data for consistent analysis.

Consistency and Uniformity of Data: Creating a consistent and coherent dataset from many sources to enable accurate analysis and easy database importing.


Project Goal

The main objective of this project is to use Apache Airflow and the Python scraping tools Scrapy and Selenium to automate web scraping on a complicated website.

By reducing human activities and guaranteeing accurate, up-to-date data, automation improves efficiency.

The project focuses on data accuracy through Python scraping tools, processing JavaScript-rendered pages with Selenium, and improving data quality with Pandas.

Timeliness is achieved through timely data processing, which enables real-time or almost real-time insights.

The architecture prioritizes scalability and maintainability, with Python tools providing long-term project stability and Apache Airflow supporting simple extensions.

Our Value Addition

Scraping Automation

Using Apache Airflow, an open-source workflow management system, we automated the scraping process. Our objective was to program monthly scrapes, automate data processing, and put up alarms for any potential problems. We could simply track the status and development of workflows using Airflow’s web-based user interface. Tracking task executions and simplifying debugging were both made possible thanks to Airflow’s logging features. By including error warnings, we increased the dependability of our data pipeline and got prompt information to deal with any problems. All things considered, this scraping automation solution provided our project with current data, enabling well-informed judgments based on the most recent insights.



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