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Hire expert Backend developers to build efficient solutions which run without any failures. We offer the following backend services:

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BitCot’s expert front-end developer has extensive knowledge of various web technologies. We innovate upon leading web development standards and dedicate ourselves to developing outstanding front-end solutions, which allow us to bring you truly customized web experiences with exceptional user-friendliness. See the various business industries serve for front-end development

Ecommerce & Retail
Healthcare & Medical
Banking & Finance
Lifestyle & Fitness
Education & Learning
Entertainment & Media


We use smart, flexible, cutting-edge agile scrum methodology to deliver quick results and develop swift, efficient improvements. To begin by accepting a project for your business and designing and developing the app. Soon, fleshing out this idea and by finally submitting the designed app into the App Store Connect or Play Store, we are an award-winning team we can help make your big dreams come to reality at a price you can afford.PHP with the right cloud architecture and NoSQL database makes the perfect combination for scalable eCommerce applications.

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