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Google Tag Manager

google tag manager services

Google Tag Supervisor is a tag control system (TMS) that permits you to easily update measurement codes and related code fragments together referred to as tags to your website or mobile app.

Setup Google Tag Manager

  • Create a new Account in the below mentioned URL
  • Enter an Account Name
  • Set Up Country
  • After Container Setup
  • Used our website url which we want to track
  • Select Target Platform
  • Click on Create
  • After that Popup Open
  • Google Tag Manager Terms of Services Agreement
  • Scroll down checked checkbox
  • Click yes
  • Copy exactly the two pieces of code on the Header file in the section and in the Body section in your website
  • Open your website
  • Right click on website
  • Open View Page Source
  • Search your GTM Id
  • If you get GTM Id Setup done

Google Analytics

Google Analytics includes capabilities that can help users identify developments and patterns in how traffic interacts with their websites. These capabilities allow for facts series, analysis, monitoring,visualization, reporting and integration with different programs.

It will assist you to analyze the traffic of your website and the behavior of your traffic.

The important functions of Google Analytics are revolve around:

  • Your Target market: – understand who are your internet site visitors
  • Acquisition: From where the visits are coming
  • Behavior: How do the visitors behave to your internet site, how is their go with the flow via the pages
  • Conversion: The degree of effect of your moves
google analytics services

Setup Google Analytics


Google Search Console

google search services

Google Search Console is a free tool that facilitates clients to grade their web site’s web site’s traffic, see keyword performance, restoration issues, and receive messages from Google about their website.

This image shows 4 points of website performance,

  • Total Clicks
  • Total Impressions
  • Average CTR
  • Average Positions

Setup Google Search Console Account

There are two type of verification method,

  • 1st, Download below html file and uploaded this file in root directory of website
  • 2nd, Copy code also paste in head section of website
  • After that click on verify

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