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Paxxie helps in capturing unforgettable experience and moments.

About Paxxie?

Paxxie helps in capturing unforgettable experiences and moments. It is really helpful for the person who is behind the camera capturing wonderful moments. Well, it’s time you BE IN THE FAMILY PHOTO! BE IN VACATION PHOTO! BE YOU!

With Paxxie you can access the community of talent to capture those special moments. By booking a photographer, videographer, a drone or just someone help capture the story and get paid.

The Client can browse the Paxxie community of talent. We can even chat and discuss with the talent via Paxxie’s Chat. Once all done talent may send the link with all contents captured. With instant upload, the content is immediately available in the event album.

The talent can use a camera phone, digital camera, drone, fancy or nonfancy equipment to make money. You can upload the photos and videos you have created in the talent profile. You can schedule, message, manage your events. You can also capture or steam live stories. And the great part is you GET PAID to snap a photo, Paxxie handles the payment situation easily!

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Branding, User Experience, Interface Design,
Mobile App and Web App Development




for Web - Ruby on Rails, Branch.io, PostgreSQL, AWS
for iOS app - Swift

Paxxie Talent Tab1
  • Easy sign up as the talent.
  • Providing Talent portfolio in the Talent profile that is visible for client who searches.
  • Ability to accept or reject an event.
  • Notifications on every actions.
  • View the talent information after accepting an event.
  • Easy uploading of the event album to the client.
  • Easy payment method.
  • View the history in past events.
  • Can also be acted as Client if needed.
Paxxie Talent Tab2
  • Easy sign up and Verification.
  • Book a talent for an event by explore and search.
  • Filter the talent by providing the requirements as per the need.
  • Payment automation using credit card using stripe.
  • Push notification.
  • Easy chat with the Talent before and after the event.
  • Search Talents according to event locations, Cost, etc.
  • View the history in past events.
  • Easy download of the albums of the event in the respective event tab in Past events.
  • Easy cancellation of event if necessary.
  • Easy of becoming a Talent if client has any interest on that.
Paxxie Talent Tab3
  • Add Shoot type as per the requirements.
  • Has the power to approve the talent by verifying the Approval status.
  • Add Equipments.
  • Price Managements and Discounts.
  • Managing promo codes for offering discounts to the users.
  • Set limitations for Service fee and hourly rate.
  • Manages the events and Payments.
  • Manages the Reported Events/Talents.

Expanding an Existing Brand

With Paxxie, you can access a community of talent to capture all those special moments. Book a photographer, a videographer, a drone, or just get someone to take pictures of you! Be the star of your story or simply help someone capture their story and get paid.

Paxxie App Brand Logo


Book Photographer/Videographer.

Showcasing iOS Design Language

Paxxie exemplifies the design language Apple introduced starting in iOS 11, with a specific focus on deference and depth. The content helps guide interactions within the app while translucencies and animations shift attention to the most important interface elements.

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