RPA offers solutions to Automate Routine, Repetitive & Costly Business Tasks

RPA solutions are designed for the business process automation tasks that could interact with multiple IT systems. The mechanical tasks performed can be automated to bring immediate value to core business processes including:

Vendor on-boarding

Compiling and uploading vendor data to various systems and providing reports can be performed by a RPA solution.

Software installations & AI Driven DevOps

Any setup of software across different systems, error handling and ticketing tasks can be transformed through RPA. RPA is also capable of raising exceptions.

Data migration

Data migration is a huge task when switching IT systems and RPA can transform the data into various formats to be utilized.


Reporting is a critical IT function in a lot of processes and could be very time sensitive also could involve touching multiple systems to analyze data and build an effective report. RPA makes it possible without any human errors.

Inventory management

ATP & Inventory management are key to a lot of systems and does have several repetitive tasks and sometimes need uploading the data to multiple systems manually and RPA could be very effective.

Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable (AP/AR)

AP/AR processes involve a lot of manual tasks such as invoice and document processing that can be transformed by OCR and other advanced techniques using RPA.

How does RPA help in Businesses?

RPA tools are used when process automation tasks are currently performed by humans and can be automated to improve accuracy, efficiency and can be scaled without adding additional human capital. Once you are able to flowchart a process, you can create RPA bots. Through the RPA, the businesses can potentially save valuable employee time that can be put to better use.

How Are Business process management (BPM) and (Robotic Process Automation) RPA different? 

BPM and RPA both have the same objective, which is improving efficiency. Through BPM processes are defined and performance is analyzed, reanalyzed and measured for increasing efficiency. RPA automates the process by standardizing the performance through tech. The performance of simpler and rudimentary tasks are easily executed by RPA. BPM is setup to execute more complex and nuanced tasks. 

RPA Development Cycle

The RPA is designed and integrated based on your inputs and the result that you require for your business. BitCot’s programmers
incorporate the elements required for your business and make relevant suggestions.

Process Mapping

Process Mapping

Different processes are created for the business, and thereby different tasks are automated. RPA is developed and integrated churns out results based on the process. The RPA follows the defined process and the results for repeated tasks are generated based on the same process.

Deep-Dive Analysis

Deep-Dive Analysis

The result of RPA is very accurate and First, you have to determine the process to be automated. RPA is created by BitCot’s programmers based on the process suggested. The results generated by the RPA is analyzed, evaluating its efficacy and usefulness.

Bot Design & Development

Bot Design & Development

Once a process is defined using flowchart or paper. The BoT solution is designed understanding all the input parameters and the format of the desired output & the appropriate tools are incorporated. Bot is developed based on the tool chosen for RPA and deployed.

Bot Maintenance

Bot Maintenance

Exceptions can be defined and RPA bots can be optimized and improved on an ongoing basis to produce better accuracy and efficiency.

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RPA as part of the Digital Transformation Journey

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Reduce Cost

By routing incessant tasks through automated processes, the involvement of human resources for such a process is reduced. The cost of the human resource for the process is reduced. 

Improved internal processes

The automated performance has no human intervention, resulting in symmetrical results without any human error. 

Lower operational risk

With no human intervention, the margin of human error and operational risk is reduced.

High-quality processes and output

The processes are uniform as it is automated and replicated. The output in all cases is without any bias and after following the same procedure. 

Virtual workforces are highly secure

Tampering and manipulation are avoided by automated processes. The data and results are absolutely secured. 

Improve Quality

The quality of the performance is higher than through manual processes. The output and the result are desirable with enhanced details.

Applications of RPA:

RPA can be integrated into different stages of any system and it will improve the overall performance of the system. RPA in all practice is
the path towards efficiency and digital transformation which speeds the performance of requisite projects.

Why hire an RPA programmer form BitCot?

  • We provide technological solutions for simplifying tasks.
  • We use our skills to create quality products for your business needs.
  • We use technology to create appropriate solutions while optimally utilizing time.
  • The projects are handled by teams for effective management and expert inputs.
  • Suggest RPA solutions and provide advanced systems for the current and future needs of the business.
  • Encompass the needs of your business through the RPA.

RPA should be tailored to the business needs, for enhanced analysis. BitCot’s team comprises of trained and experienced programmers who deliver the perfect software for your business. You will be able to generate the results aspired after integrating the RPA programmed for your business by BitCot.

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