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Are you looking to build a custom video subscription platform for your business?

Introducing VidGrow, the ultimate video subscription platform solution by BitCot. Our expertise in developing user-friendly and feature-rich applications ensures a seamless and personalized experience for your users. With a focus on diverse user needs, VidGrow offers a highly engaging onboarding process that aligns perfectly with your audience’s preferences and interests. Powered by Vimeo, our platform guarantees exclusive access to content, ensuring privacy and security for your VidGrow users.

Embrace the power of curated collections, extensive libraries, and personalized video recommendations, providing a rich and tailored user experience that keeps your audience coming back for more. At BitCot, our skilled developers will collaborate with you to customize and adapt VidGrow to meet your unique business requirements. Whether you aim to target specific industries or cater to a niche audience, VidGrow is the perfect fit.

Stay ahead in the competitive video streaming industry with a custom video subscription platform tailored to your business goals. Partner with BitCot and elevate your content to new heights with VidGrow – the ultimate video subscription platform designed to enhance engagement and retain your audience.

Why Choose VidGrow

Seamless Customization: With VidGrow being an in-house product, BitCot can offer seamless customization to tailor the platform to each client’s unique branding and business requirements.

Enhanced User Engagement: VidGrow’s personalized onboarding and curated collections help clients deliver a captivating video streaming experience, increasing user engagement and satisfaction.

Monetization Opportunities: BitCot enables clients to explore various monetization options, such as flexible subscription plans and exclusive content to boost revenue generation.

Scalability and Growth: VidGrow’s robust architecture and scalable infrastructure empower clients to accommodate a growing user base and expand their market reach effortlessly.

Data-driven Insights: With VidGrow’s analytics and reporting tools, clients gain valuable data insights into user behavior, preferences, and content performance, facilitating informed business decisions.

Why Choose VidGrow

How VidGrow Works



  • Personalized Onboarding: VidGrow's onboarding process delivers a tailored video streaming experience by asking users about their interests and preferences.
  • Seamless Video Availability: VidGrow ensures smooth video access using a paid Vimeo account integrated into the WordPress backend for added privacy and security.
  • Curated Collections:VidGrow offers themed video collections that users can save and access easily under the Library tab, enhancing engagement.
  • Comprehensive Class Pages:Each video comes with a detailed class page, including information on the teacher, duration, intensity, and more. Users can engage with the community through comments.
  • Flexible Subscription Plans: VidGrow provides monthly and yearly subscription options to cater to users' preferences, promoting retention and satisfaction.

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