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It’s has become a need of every business to hire full stack developer
with extensive knowledge of backend and front-end development,
hence giving momentum to Full Stack.

At Dev Technosys, you will find expert Full Stack developers
with years of experience and knowledge of development work of
server and frontend. Our Full Stack Development services are fit
to meet your enterprises every need right from ideation to optimization.

BitCot develops the perfect solution for your business. The software is developed using JavaScript and other appropriate tools for the best UI / UX for the success of your product and your business.

JS frameworks and tools have especially become a popular choice for the following solutions.Applications that allow users to view and purchase products online.

Applications that support communication through messaging and have long threads that can be viewed by several users. A system that connects numerous devices and makes sure they are all in the sync.

JavaScript Development Frameworks

A multi talented Team of dedicated Innovators

Node Js Development Node.js Development

Node.JS provides a significant edge over other
languages as it has the ability to quickly iterate
and be agile. It is the perfect framework for
your business if you are looking for fast,
scalable technology that has a huge community.

Angular.js Development Angular.js Development

Angular JS was started by Google and now has a
big community as well. This framework helps
build complex front end applications for
delivering in-depth user experience and dynamic

React.js Development React.js Development

Backed by Facebook, React.JS is popular for
building high-quality dynamic web
applications. This framework offers easy to
build, scalable, and reusable component.

JQuery Development JQuery Development

Jquery is the most popular JavaScript library -
It simplifies the process of locating and
modifying elements within a web document.
Through JQuery the JavaSript code and HTML
markup are separated for better management.

Vue.js icon Vue.js Development

Vue.js is an open-source JavaScript framework that has recently become popular due to its simplicity. It can be easily adapted to any other webpage file or app that you already have.

GraphQL GraphQl Development

GraphQl is a query language for your API and
a server-side runtime for querying your
exhibited data.GraphQl provide an entire
and intelligible explanation of the data
availaible to your API.

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No matter where you are in the planning process of your app, our experts are happy to help you. Our expert consultants discuss your plans & challenges, evaluate your existing mobile apps or even make some initial recommendations.


Full Stack Development
Service Company

BitCot specializes in software development across a full range of technologies, from front-end prototyping
to a complete set of back-end services. Every business wants to set a faster pace for growth, and with our
full-stack development services, you can achieve that momentum.

Our full-stack developers have the extensive understanding and experience necessary to create
full-fledged applications for your business.

  • CMS Development

  • Ecommerce Development

  • Integration

  • API Development

  • Migration & Porting

  • Web Development

What does it take to build Full Stack Web App ?

Full-stack development services are trending at a great pace. After all, every business requires professionals with extensive
know-how about everything from back-end, database to front-end.Thus, the firms are keen on hiring full-stack developers well
-versed with server & front-end development knowledge & skills and also specialize in just everything; starting from the concept
and ideation stage to finished product.

  • You Have an

  • Project

  • UI UX Design

  • Development &

  • Launch &

Advantage of Full Stack Web Development

Full-stack development of the application is especially advisable because the same team gets to develop the entire product,
ensuring perfect synchronization.


The existing software can be used by future developers when enhancing your product. This will reduce the time taken for the development of the product.


For budgeted development, the entire application is considered. You will not have to hire different teams to develop or maintain your product.

Consistency in
UI Components

Because the same developer or team is working on your product, your product’s UI will be completely uniform.


We develop online storefronts with great features that offer unmatched shopping experience to the users.


We develop online storefronts with great features that offer unmatched shopping experience to the users.

Technical Barriers

With complete responsibility, BitCot is fully equipped to maximize the potential for full-stack development of tech products.

Hire JavaScript Developers
for a Custom Node.JS

Node.js is a run-time environment which allows you to write server-side
applications in JavaScript work with our JavaScript specialists who will work
hard to improve your business with Node.JS. Here are some advantages of
using Node.js:

  • One language for both the backend and the frontend. One language for both the backend and the frontend.
  • Extensive Code Reuse, Free & Open-Source Toolset. Extensive Code Reuse, Free & Open-Source Toolset.
  • Reduced Development Time, One Language—Better Efficiency with Fewer Resources. Reduced Development Time, One Language—Better Efficiency with Fewer Resources.
  • Good Scalability, Better Performance, Smaller Teams, Lower Costs. Good Scalability, Better Performance, Smaller Teams, Lower Costs.

Why Chose Bitcot for Full Stack
Development ?

BitCot has been delivering perfect full-stack solutions to its clients. Our software architects and
engineers are more than able to deliver high-quality products and suggest the right kind of software
for your business. Our team has been working with all innovative and creative tools that are needed
for any complex and demanding tech.

With our expertise and experience in developing state of the art technology, our team will build the
perfect solution for your business, and ensure the proper maintenance of the software. The software
will be timely upgraded with the latest tech and available tools.

  • Dedicated team for

  • Agile approach to
    app development

  • Strong focus on
    UI/UX design

  • Flexible delivery &
    commercial models

What They Have to Say

Frequently Asked Questions:

Full-stack development refers to building end-to-end software solutions including front-end and back-end development. Front-end refers to the front part of the application or UI which is seen by the end-user and used for end-user interaction. The back-end part is related to server-side development, database, and API development.
Development by BitCot’s team, ensuring built as per requirement, Cost-Efficient as the development team is hired only for a specific project, Client retains focus on business and core activities, Enhanced productivity as the application is built by experts, and the focus of the client is to provide core services.
Vue and React are both light frameworks which provide fast working. But any developer working on Vue will use an HTML template over JavaScript, thereby using different languages. Vue offers the customizability to change the functionality of complexity depending on the scale required, which can be done without JSX and access the Vue library through a single file.
CLI tool in Vue can be used to generate a new application and is similar to the functioning of the CLI tool in Angular. Even the syntax of Vue and Angular are similar which makes it simpler for any Angular Developer to work on Vue. Even the behavior of Slots in Vue is very close to the behavior in Angular. The functions of Vue are similar to Angular, making it easy for any Angular Developer to work with Vue.
BitCot provides Vue development services for building applications that use the exclusive features of Vue.js for building novel applications with advanced functionalities. BitCot has acquired a good reputation as a Vue developer by developing applications using Vue.JS technology for numerous commercial establishments of large sizes. Other systems and software can be integrated into the application with JavaScript libraries.

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