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6 Ways to Boost Customer Experience and Deliver Engagement Of Convenience Using Twilio

By August 19, 2021March 18th, 2024Emerging Tech
Boost Customer Experience and Deliver Engagement Of Convenience Using Twilio

Customer engagement is key to the success of any business; doesn’t matter which industry you are in. The easier a customer can engage with your brand and the better the customer experience, the more likely they are to return to you. In this digital & Post Pandemic era As Convenience became the no.1 deciding factor for shoppers to decide on a brand, it is essential for brands to evolve with the changing nature of business.

The ease of doing business is changing. Businesses are driven by how easy it is for their customers to do business with them. In today’s digital space, customers are increasingly looking for convenience. Businesses that understand this and are able to adapt, will be the ones to grow.

In this article, we talk about customer engagement & customer experience, & 6 ways BitCot can help you deliver the best using Twilio.

Customer Engagement & Customer Experience

It would be impossible to miss out on the fact that one of the most important pillars of online marketing is customer engagement. It’s what people are talking about in seminars, at conferences, and even on social media because it’s one of the best ways to build trust with existing consumers or cultivate brand loyalty. In the online world, oftentimes brands build and strengthen a ‘human-to-human connection’ with their customers through many channels such as Email, SMS, App Notifications, Social Media, Live Chatbot, Order journey details, contactless delivery process and more. Using these tools lets brands add value to people’s lives beyond just transactional relationships – long known by you as sales!

Customer experience refers to an individual’s perception of your brand. Every time a customer interacts with you, be it through promotional and marketing material, sales and support staff, or the actual product – they get a perception in their mind about what it is like dealing with you. The way they feel about your brand influences how loyal they are as customers over the long term – either becoming faithful repeat buyers or switching over to competitors. The key takeaways here are that even though all interactions count – one bad experience can turn people off on your brand for life if you don’t handle it right! And don’t forget: this also includes first-time experiences, like when someone buys from you or visits your site for the first time. Here 80% of Americans would agree that a really good user experience is extremely important to them when making decisions on products.


What is Twilio & How it can help

Twilio is the cloud communications platform that more than 50,000 companies and over 2 million developers use as their platform for customer engagement. Using communication APIs, you can send a text or place a call from your app or website with just a few lines of code. With Twilio, you can leverage every channel and type of communication that matters to your customers. Twilio’s greatest strength is in its ability to integrate seamlessly into any software application via its RESTful APIs. What this means for companies is that they have unfettered access to new tools they need today while preparing adequately for the innovations of tomorrow. This shows that Twilio isn’t a software application but instead is sitting between an application and traditional communications systems. When communications and software are together, the end result for the business as well as for the customer will be better outcomes in general. Customer satisfaction is what it’s all about!

Twilio has a core communications API & a series of programmable connectivity options. It’s an API First platform that supports any communication channel, helping businesses reach customers anywhere in the world. Developers love Twilio coz of its multi-functionality and easy-to-customize features.

6 Ways to deliver best Customer Experience & Engagement

Digital Engagement Over Physical One

You are spending lots of money to get customers in physical stores and you have no clue what the ROI is on this. How do you know if your sales forces are actually spending money with them? Have you noticed that the shopper experience is getting worse and worse. Salespeople are not looking at their customers in the eyes anymore and customers feel like they are just a number.

The best way to solve this is to get digital. Get digital engagement for your customers and make them feel great about your brand again. BitCot can help you in digital transformation. We can help you develop mobile apps/web apps, Integrate a Mobile notification strategy – implementing services like click and collect, bookable shopping timeslots, grocery checkout straight from their mobile app, Order notifications, order delivery notifications, marketing messages, and more. The opt-in rates increase successfully when you implement these digital engagement activities.


Digital Engagement Over Physical One

Build Engaging Customer Experiences

Let’s talk about how you talk to your customers. Whether you’re notifying them when orders ship, providing support over the phone, or confirming their reservations by text, in our hyper-connected world, your customers want you to connect with them on the communication channels they use every day. They expect you to do it in your app, your website, and across devices, using text messages and video, through Facebook messenger and in chat windows with bots or live agents. To reach your customers, you need to be on these channels securely and around the globe.

Building a Consistent and Engaging Customer Experience is very vital for any business. With Twilio API integration It is possible, to set up multiple communications channels & start sending engaging messages.



Optimize Connectivity Operations

Using the cloud for connectivity services means you and your customers are always connected. You can set up communication services within minutes by using the versatile tools in TWILIO. You can set up an SMS as an alternative to emails, or use WhatsApp as a way to get in contact with your customers anywhere in the world. These are just some of the many services you can use to maximize the effect of your business. It’s important to get acquainted with the features TWILIO can provide. From setting up a phone line to sending out mobile messages, there are so many ways you can use communication services.

Streamline Workflows

Streamlining is an essential part of the business because you want to find ways to make your company more efficient. Streamlining can be accomplished in various ways, one way is by revamping the processes that are present. These would include tactics like going paperless, using the latest technology, and other approaches that will help you get the job done easier and faster. An efficient process is very streamlined and accurate. For example, if a customer calls into your website’s business centre for assistance with their cookie purchase but is accidentally connected with a supplier instead, that process could use some streamlining work!

BiCot can help you streamline your workflows, contactless delivery processes, Frictionless customer experience or self-checkout process, with AI & chatbots we can build up automated shopping experiences too.




Build Trust With Communications

Building trust with your customers is very important at every point of the customer journey. It’s good to try and build trust right from the start when you’re just getting to know your customers, but it’s also very important to keep in touch with your customers and continue to build that relationship and trust throughout the rest of your relationship.

A great way to build trust with your customer and let them know that you’re personable is to actively reach out to them and let them know about what’s going on with your business/order. You can do this with Twilio SMS messages that are sent out on a regular basis so that they feel connected to your company and know that you still care.

BitCot can help you set up personalized shopping experiences for customers, one to one engagement with complete information of customers preferences and interests.

Ask for Surveys and Feedbacks

It should go without saying that most customers will let you know how they feel about your business by placing another order or making a repeat purchase. But there are situations where things don’t exactly go according to plan. While it’s a kind gesture for you to follow up in person or by telephone after an unsatisfactory experience, the best way to get actual feedback is through automated channels such as email and text messages. It’s true that these methods of communication can seem impersonal sometimes, but there’s no denying that they do come with their fair share of pros too.

  • Satisfaction surveys
  • Subscription programs
  • Auto-replenishment reminders
  • Identity verification
  • Customer retention with strong omnichannel engagement



Wrapping Up

Your customer interactions are the heart of your brand. Whether you communicate with people online, on phone, or in person, your business is the result of all of your customers’ experiences. This makes it important – both for the health of your company and for you as a person – to be emotionally invested in reaching out when it matters. Reach out when you want feedback, want to let them know that they can call if they have trouble with something, or just because you care about them and what they think of your business and product!

TWILIO aims to help businesses better connect to their customers through a range of product suites that cater to a variety of needs. When used correctly, TWILIO can help businesses optimize customer service, enhance their merchandising efforts, and much more. The company offers a readily available pricing structure that provides flexibility to businesses based on their needs. TWILIO strives to utilize the latest technological innovations to give businesses greater connectivity to their end-users with the ability to customize their solutions to serve the needs of their businesses.

We hope you enjoyed our blog on the importance of customer engagement. We are always excited to help businesses just like you find ways to improve your customer experience, and we hope that you found this blog post informative. Now that you know the importance of customer engagement and customer experience, it is advised to get started with Twilio soon. If you feel you need assistance with Twilio setup and development, you can contact us at any point in time

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