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7 Internet Of Things Applications

By August 8, 2019December 12th, 2023Emerging Tech, Mobile Apps
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Marvel’s Ironman has showcased the applications of IoT and glaring convenience that comes with it. IoT or the Internet of Things can be utilized in different fields including automobiles, healthcare, smart devices, etc. IoT reduces inefficiency and optimizes tasks, to achieve better result each time by infusing automation. The application of IoT is far-reaching, take Tesla, for example, the company rolls out a software update and the result, the top speed of the car goes up by a notch.

Even our devices, such as laptops, mobile phones, tablets are all connected. Your browser on one device will resume from the page you visited across devices. A wristband on your hand gives you a live details report of your health conditions, by instructing your speaker you can schedule an appointment for the doctor and book a Uber to your doctor, you can schedule a later date to make a hotel booking for your business travel, and many more IoT applications in our daily life smoother the process of performing a task.

Let’s take a look at what all IoT has made available to us so far

IoT Application – Wearable

From the most basic to the most advanced wearable gadgets are sold widely all around the world. The most popular and basic application is for the live update of your location, details of your footsteps, etc.

Say you’re on your morning jog, and you receive a working mail. The notification will pop up on your smartwatch, and with just a glance you can find out the name of the sender and subject of the email, and ascertain the urgency of the email. You skim through all such notifications on your watch, without reaching out for your mobile phone. Wearable gadgets give you information about incoming calls, messages, emails, all at a single glance, helping you make decisions faster.



Athletes and sportsperson use the device for detailed analysis of their movement, the effect of the fitness activities and training regimes. Many devices give the precise weather conditions and distance, during practice and training sessions, with the minutest details athletes, can improve their game and take it to the next level.

For instance, while playing golf the device gives the exact distance of the ball from the hole. With precise information on the wind speed and slope of the green, you can choose your club for the stroke. As you repeat this routine, you will be able to identify the mistake you make, so that you can improve on them.

IoT Application – Healthcare



Healthcare is the largest beneficiary of IoT, as information for all patients and the medical practitioner will be available online. Patients no longer worry about maintaining their medical records, and doctors can access the entire information of the patient conveniently. Patients can monitor their health daily and doctors can go through the charts during consultations. The slightest abnormality can be identified and treated by the physician, without missing any symptom.

IoT Application – Smart Home

Ever since Iron-man came out, everyone has been going crazy about Jarvis and how Tony Stark can control everything in his house seamlessly through Jarvis. A smart home can be set up with the integration of all the devices including the air conditioners, lights, washing machine, CCTV camera, locks, etc. The application enables you the control of the devices from any location, as long as, devices remain connected to the server.



The appliances in our homes are getting integrated, enabling the performance of tasks without physical presence. Through integrated applications setting the room temperature, unlocking doors, monitoring the house can be done remotely. You can control and answer the door through applications, allowing the visitor to enter the premises by unlocking the house door.

IoT Application – Automobiles



With the help of IoT driver-less cars have become a reality. After feeding the details of the destination, the car will follow the most convenient path to the location. Big players like Tesla, Google, Apple have been present in the automobile industry and have integrated the use of technology to optimize the use of automobiles. IoT enables the health checkup of the car and suggests maintenance and repair work when necessary. With better health of the automobile, lesser pollutants infiltrate the air around us, making the environment cleaner.

IoT Application – Urban

For urban residents, automated transportation, waste management, energy distribution, surveillance, water distribution, and environmental assessment are the direct results of IoT. Not only will optimal utilization of the resources bring down the costs, but with better distribution, the resources will be able to reach more homes.



Cities will be able to identify the sources of pollution and tackle the root cause of it, making the lives greener and healthier. Trackers will enable data collection of noise pollution and air pollution at different times of the day, and create a chart with proper indices. This information is imperative to effectively combat the menaces in the surroundings and effectively bring down the level of pollution. Urban planners will improve management systems and keep the cities cleaner and safer.

IoT Applications – Agriculture and Industrial


IoT enables the tracking, packing, and shipping of products including the tracking of raw materials, and the condition of the finished products. IoT enables Industries to identify means for efficient production units through the reduction of human intervention. The raw materials are molded into finished products with minimal human intervention, reducing the production time of each product and improving the quality of each product at the same time.



IoT in the agricultural sector has multi-faceted benefits for the farmers and as well as the consumers. With IoT, accurate information is garnered about the health of the crops and soil, and the farmer is able to take necessary action to improve these conditions. The direct result is the higher yield and quality of the crop. With this necessary conditioning, the farmer will be able to produce better from his land than ever before.



For consumers all around the world, this is indeed a great utility of IoT. The higher yield, farmers will sell larger quantities of their produce, thereby reaching more houses and bringing food to many more tables. The other advantage is that with the better quality of their yield, the product will carry healthier nutrients.

These are some of the applications of IoT which have already been rolled out. With further research, many more uses of IoT will be identified which will improve the quality of life.

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