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Top 5 features of iOS 12

By July 5, 2018December 11th, 2023Mobile Apps
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Apple Inc. at the ‘Worldwide Developers Conference’ had introduced the most updated operating system, iOS 12. There are a plethora of new highlights in iOS 12 that are in for the most recent model of the iPhone. Considering the biggest features in iOS 12 which are as follows;

  • Performance Improvements

The iOS 12 version from Apple is apt in all their apple products which are able to run iOS 11. Apple has made improvements in its old and new products. With iOS 12, Apple has enhanced its performance resulting in faster and more responsive outcomes. With this, the mobile apps are launched quicker, keyboards appear quickly and the camera as well.

iOS 12 makes old iPhones faster




Apple introduced a new customizable Animoji called Memoji, which you can personalize to look like you. Group FaceTime is here and supports calls with up to 32 people, and Memoji, Animoji, and other fun effects can be used both in messages and with FaceTime which is further discussed briefly.

  • Siri Shortcuts




Siri is somewhat of a wreck, by and large, however, another dimension for Siri has a great deal of guarantee. It’s called “Shortcuts,” and it essentially allows you to program a series of actions tied to a specific command phrase.

Considering an example, at the point when Siri hears the expression “Heading Home”, it naturally authorizes a progression of activities:

— Retrieves headings home with the minimum traffic.

— Text messages the user’s roommate to let her know she’s on the way.

— Sets the home thermostat to 70 degrees and turns on a fan


  • Notification enhancements

The quality of notifications has been enhanced. If you see a notification, you can press it and decide to make sure it never shows on your lock screen or turn it off entirely. The smart factor is that Siri will recommend the iPhone App owner to turn the notifications off for the apps the user doesn’t even use. Apart from that, the grouped notifications are now going to be grouped by a thread, topic, and app. If you tap in, you can see more from a specific app. Or, with a single swipe, you can dismiss all of those notifications.


  • More control over how you use your phone, and more ways to monitor that us

With Apple’s introduction of the iPhone over 10 years ago, smartphones have taken over. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the blurring of our digital lives with our real ones, and Apple’s introducing some voluntary boundaries for those looking for space.

App Limitations are possible In iOS 12, where this can help a user to voluntarily set a limit on the usage of any app.

Keeping that in mind, Apple is additionally including action utilization reports. Regardless of whether you would prefer not as far as possible your application use, maybe perceiving how much time you’ve spent looking through Facebook will persuade you.

Also, iOS 12 is extending out the idea of Do Not Disturb mode to another Do Not Disturb During Bedtime mode. Rather than just silencing your ringer and vibrations, it will likewise withhold on-screen notices.


  •  FaceTime Supports 32 people at once & Memoji



iOS 12 has the video calling service Facetime which has expanded itself to support 32 users at a time. Moreover, the use of Memoji is also into facetime.

Apple customizes an animated version of you and it converts a 3D image on the bases of your facial expressions. It is supported on iPhone X and you can customize your face, skin, eyes and much more to make it look like YOU!

Messages will also let you snap pictures of yourself and add custom text, backgrounds and more, which can be sent right inside the Messages application.

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