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The airport parking app aims to provide users with a convenient platform to find and reserve parking spaces at various airports. Users can register, input their airport preferences, check-in and check-out dates and times.


The app provides information such as distance from the user’s current location, reviews, rates, and a mini-map view of each parking space. Users can explore multiple airports, view parking rates, reserve spaces, and apply coupon codes.



    User Registration: Users can create an account within the app, providing their necessary details to access the features.

    Airport Selection: Users can choose their preferred airport from a list of available options.
    Check-in and Check-out: Users input their desired dates and times for parking.

    Parking Space Details: Users can view relevant information about each parking space, including distance from their location, reviews (in the form of stars), and rates.

    Reservation: Users can reserve a parking space at their selected airport for their desired dates.

    Mini Map View: Users can access a mini-map view to get an overview of the parking space’s location within the airport premises.

    Coupon Code: Users have the option to add or apply coupon codes to avail discounts on parking rates.


    This project solves the challenge of finding and reserving airport parking spaces by providing a convenient, user-friendly mobile app that streamlines the process and enhances the overall experience for travelers.


    Project Goals

    • The primary goal is to create a user-friendly app that simplifies the process of finding and reserving airport parking spaces, making it a hassle-free experience for travelers.
    • Successfully integrating with airport systems to obtain parking availability, rates, and other relevant data is crucial for the app's functionality and accuracy.
    • The app should streamline the reservation process, reducing the time and effort required for users to find and book parking spaces.
    • By incorporating coupon code functionality, the app aims to provide users with cost-saving options and attractive discounts for airport parking.
    • Ensuring the accuracy of information, reliable reviews, and secure transactions will help build trust among users, leading to higher adoption rates and positive user experiences.


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