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TeleHealth provides the ability for individuals to schedule a quick appointment, find the specialist, view their test reports, and consult the doctor by using the app. The video chat can give users the facility to meet the doctor face-to-face to discuss their health-related issues.


The TeleHealth appointment system enhances patient satisfaction. Patients no longer have to be worried about the wait times in the clinics. They can plan their daily schedule better. They spend less time waiting to meet the doctor.



    There are 2 apps. One for the Practioner and one for the Client

    Telehealth is a mobile application from which users can directly connect with practitioners according to their health issues.

    It allows users to schedule appointments from the comfort of their homes.

    It allows users to adjust the date and time of appointments if needed.

    It allows Practitioners to set their availability, unavailability, date overrides, lunch break, and breaks between appointments.

    It allows Practitioners to accept or reject the appointment based on their convenience.

    The app generates a proper data history of all reports and appointments.

    The app provides a facility for users to leave feedback, allowing practitioners to improve their services and give users a better experience.


    A Telehealth application is a comprehensive platform that improves patient outcomes and healthcare delivery by facilitating safe communication between patients and doctors, providing quick access to medical information, and enabling remote consultations. Patients can input their allergies, medical histories, and current medications, which practitioners can access. The app also allows patients to schedule doctor appointments and receive alerts and reminders for upcoming appointments. This means that patients can make appointments with their doctors online, even if they are not present in the clinic or hospital physically. Professionals can provide individualized and efficient care to patients remotely, ensuring that everyone has access to quality healthcare.


    Project Goals

    • Provide Personalized Care
    • Ensure Data Privacy and Security
    • Convenient appointment scheduling
    • Direct practitioner connection
    • Detailed data history reporting


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