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Creating Admin Users in Google Cloud Project

By September 10, 2020December 12th, 2023Infra
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Google Cloud Platform is essentially a public cloud-based machine whose services are delivered to customers on an as-you-go basis, by way of service components. A public cloud lets you leverage its resources to empower the applications you build, as well as to reach a broader base of customers.

Creating a Google Cloud project:

Google Cloud Platform 01


Click on Console

Click on Console


Once logged in > Click on Create project
Click on Create project


In the New Project form, enter a project name, click that you agree to the terms of service, and click Create.



Adding the user to the project:

  • After Creating a New project to add user accounts to your project on Google Cloud Platform please follow the steps.
  • From your Google Cloud Platform dashboard, navigate to IAM & Admin > IAM.

New Project


Next, click the “ADD” icon at the top of the page to add a new user to your project.



In the “Members” field, enter the Gmail address of the user you want to add to your project. In the “Roles” field, select the permissions that you will grant to the user. If you give them owner permissions, they will have unlimited access to your Google Cloud Platform website project.



Select the role > click on save



  • Inform the user to check the Gmail Inbox and click on the invite link and Accept the invitation 
  • Once user Accepted the invitation they can access to the projectgoogle-cloud


Adding a payment method:

In the Google Cloud Console, go to the Billing > Manage Billing Accounts page.




Click on




Complete the below steps to add billing information.





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