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Google Maps vs. Apple Maps – Which is best?

By February 12, 2017January 23rd, 2024Startups
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Well, Apple has been around for more than two decades even before the millennials with their fancy Google came into existence. Apple Products evolved to use the internet in due course of time which also held a huge fan base. This became an ideal platform for Google to make business. And so it went on to make Google Chrome as Default browser and other utilities such as maps as default in Apple Devices. Apple Products has no need to use Google’s operating system because Apple designs and builds its own devices and CPU’s besides coding their own OS to run their systems. In short, Apple has a complete circle with making proprietary hardware parts and software which make their products more reliable and fairly user-friendly. This gives Apple a pretty big head start in terms of Brand Establishment and Reliability with 30 years in the market.

Having said that, when Apple launched Maps in 2012, it received heavy criticism for inaccuracies in mapping data, errors in locating points of interest, lack of transit information and bizarre mapping imagery as major issues with the app which was rumored to have even killed a few Australians. Delving back to Google Maps App, it was launched in 2005 which had at least 7 years’ time ahead of Apple which indeed has been hence proven as to lead one to believe that some things are better left to Google. Here’s why Google Maps beat Apple’s Maps to the ground-


For starters, if a map is accurate enough to guide you to Orchard Road instead of Outram Park when you type Orchard, the App can save much besides time. Apart from that, Maps do not hold enough street information or information on nearby shops or cafes as compared to Google Maps. This is pretty understandable given Google has had enough time to beef up the content even though Apple’s Maps might appear clear.
Maps 01

This is Google Maps’ depiction of Orchard Road indicating ATMs, Shops and Cafes.

And this is Apple’s Maps depiction of Orchard Road. Well, it does include cafes and shops in their data but one can observe the level of Accuracy each App displays.


To add on to inaccuracy, Traffic in Maps seem incomplete as it displays not so real time traffic results.

maps 03



Google Maps can tell you exactly which lane to get into way before your exit whereas Apple’s Maps cannot match Google’s advanced Lane Changing as this feature requires specific and accurate data on the highways and the corresponding exits.
maps 04



Google Maps can accurately provide guidance with Accident Warnings, delays and construction work going on- thanks to Waze (with whom Google has partnered exclusively for this). Google stays updated so that it provides us with updated data. This feature is not available in Apple Maps.

The following example demonstrates how precisely Google Warns in Maps that the area appears traffic-y!


One can observe how the street view clearly shows the construction going on the areas that are shown in red.

IMG 2889 577x1024 1



This is the area where Google can actually improvise like integrating with Siri. When you ask Siri for Directions, it opens up Apple Maps and proceeds with directions. After the bad debut, even though Apple has been improvising, a lot of people still prefer Google. However, if your instructions to Siri are clear like “Give me directions to Orchard Road via transit” that should do the trick.

Another integration that Google can improvise is with the Calendar. This may not work since not everybody’s contact is bound to appear on their Google Profile. On witnessing Google’s supremacy in Maps, one can hope that the integration with Siri and Calendar can improve in the long run.


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