5 Best Productive Apps every Entrepreneur should use

5 Best Productive Apps every Entrepreneur should use

Definition of Productivity differs from one Entrepreneur view to another. But in general, we all spend a lot of time on mobile, let alone Apps. So here are a few apps that really help us to stay productive by us avoiding repeating same things everyday while we can automate; help us not to waste time in reading stuffs about things that are not very constructive etc.


About the Product

Say Good- Bye to the Rookie Marketers who think they can push traffic to their website by spamming your mailbox. Unroll.me is simply brilliant as it lists down all the subscriptions tied to your email and helps you organize. It is a free service that makes you productive as it gets and the best part is it is not just productive for Entrepreneur but for everybody with too many subscriptions problem.

How Unroll.me Adds Value

1. Easy one step sign-up that detects all your subscriptions in no time.
2. Allows you to ensure that required message reaches you through the vast sea of unwanted information.
3. This product also has a roll-up feature that (given that you added those subscriptions under roll-up category) compiles all the news and sends to you in one email in the evening/morning/afternoon (User-Choice).


About the Product

Venmo is like the underdog that people choose to overlook because of the spotlight on Paypal. Venmo is a true definition of Productive App that helps users to transfer money faster and more secure than Paypal.

How Venmo Adds Value

1. Venmo is a free service that allows you to send money to anybody at any time, in a secure manner.
2. No Long forms to fill in to send money to your colleagues / Friends.
3. No additional charges for transferring money.

Pocket Analytics

About the Product

This again is an iOS app that consolidates access to a wide range of analytics services into a single app, thereby making the process of checking key metrics more efficient and the data more relevant. Users are able to view current, average, maximum, and total values for all metrics, as well as generate trend lines. Additionally, users can compare historical daily values across metrics from different accounts and services by simply tapping on a graph.

How Pocket Analytics Adds Value

1. It reduces the frequency of constantly switching between different apps on your phone, and also from checking various websites.

2. Reduces hassle in checking status – user doesn’t have to log into Google Analytics / Facebook insights etc., separately every time they want to check status because Pocket Analytics displays all information in a same screen.

3. The app is extremely flexible in allowing the user to customize how their data is presented – website visitor statistics can be placed next to app store sales data, which in turn can be next to link sharing metrics – each from a different account with a different service.

4. Users can also create their own tabs in the app to construct mini dashboards for related metrics from their accounts. Users then choose the graphs and charts to add to each tab and can arrange them using a simple drag and drop mechanism.


About the Product

Despite what the Evernote Corporation has come through, the product is considered to be a “must-have” in every Entrepreneurs arsenal. This is a cross platform app that can replace the best of Personal Assistants in the world. Speaking of Digitization that cuts people’s jobs -Evernote can act as your digital file cabinet, note-taking tool, daily journal, task or project management system, recipe-keeper, and more.

How Evernote Adds Value

1. Evernote integrates with just about anything.
2. It has browser extensions that allows user to save a web page for future reference.
3. Evernote cross-platform support (desktop apps, web apps, mobile apps) you can offload all of your reference materials, ideas, to do tasks, or other digital items without having to worry about where you’ve collected all those random bits of information. It’s one container to store them all.
4. Scans all donation and other important receipts by scanning and emailing.
5. It Digitizes your Physical Notes and backs them up in the Cloud.


About the Product

Workflow is an iOS app that executes a series of actions in a single flow. iOS devices have evolved into powerful modern computers, but there are still some areas where users can be slowed down by app limitations, or by the tedious process of performing the same task over and over. Workflow takes care of just that.

How Workflow Adds Value

1. Deep integration with iOS apps that makes the flow quicker and easier.
2. When automating, it’s saves time on a trivial task that you repeat 10 times a day by helping you save 30 seconds on an impressive workflow you only need once a month.
3. Workflow neatly organizes actions by category and system integrations (documents, Health, Photos, etc.); you can also view suggested actions or search.
4. Users can avail ‘Show Alert’ and ‘Quick Look’ actions to debug what is going on to preview that the correct text or image is  being passed to the next action without having to wait until the end for the final output.

Author: Raj Sanghvi

Raj Sanghvi is a technologist, innovator and founder/CEO of BitCot, a full service award-winning application development company. With BitCot, Sanghvi has helped over 100 clients develop mobile apps & SaaS platforms, making them affordable and successful. Visit Raj Sanghvi on LinkedIn and follow him on Twitter, @BitCot.View Full Bio

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