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5 Steps to build a better eCommerce store experience for your users

June 06, 2022

An eCommerce store is a business that sells goods or services over the internet. It is an online business that offers products and services to the customers.
Ecommerce stores are usually started by entrepreneurs who want to sell their products to a global market. The process of building an eCommerce store from scratch can be difficult and time-consuming, but it is worth the effort.
Ecommerce stores offer many benefits, such as increased sales, lower overhead costs, and more time for customer service and marketing activities.
Customer experience is becoming one of the most important factors for brands. Its importance on the buying process and its website have become apparent over time, and as a result, eCommerce stores have to find new ways to stay on top of buyers’ habits, needs, and behaviors.
As the number of online shoppers increases, conversion rates are continuously increasing, primarily due to improvements in customer experience. This article will look at five ways to improve your customer experience to boost the conversion rate.

What are the benefits of starting an online store?

benefits of starting an online store-BitCot


With the rise of eCommerce, online stores have become a popular way for people to sell their products. Online stores are also a great way to get your product out into the market and start earning money.

Want to create your online store? Starting an online store is not as straightforward as it sounds, and it requires time, effort, and some serious money. But if you are going to start an online store, it is worth every penny!

The benefits of starting an online store are that you can sell your products across the world in minutes without having to worry about logistics or distribution. Plus, there is no need for inventory – keep selling new products!

What is the importance of your user experience?

When you decide to build a successful eCommerce store, there are a few things that you need to consider.

For example, how do you ensure that your customers always have a positive experience when they shop in your store? This is where the importance of customer experience comes in.

Do you aim to create a profitable online store? Well, it is not easy and takes time. But with the right steps and strategies, you can build your own profitable business and enjoy the benefits of an improved customer experience.

Your ecommerce store experience is a crucial factor in the success of your online business, and it is vital that you have a good experience for your customers and employees.

The importance of building a successful eCommerce store can be seen in the following steps to build a better eCommerce store:

  • Create a clear brand identity,
  • Understand the needs of your target audience,
  • Build an attractive website that attracts customers,
  • Choose the right products to sell,
  • Create compelling content on your website to help with conversions, and
  • Provide great customer service.

How to evaluate your eCommerce store experience?
Evaluating the eCommerce customer experience is not easy. Experiences can differ for the customer, and they are sometimes directly tied to good customer experience, but not always.
Let us have a look at them one-by-one.

  • The churn rate of customers
    Customer churn rate is the number of customers who stop using a product or service within a period of time. This can be due to poor customer service, poor quality of the product/service, or any number of other factors.
  • Satisfaction of customers
    As soon as your customer makes a purchase or contacts your customer service, collect feedback on their experience with your company. The ratings given by your customers tell you a lot about the quality of the service they received. A low average score indicates a need to improve, while a high score indicates you are meeting the standard.

Ways to improve the eCommerce store experience

eCommerce store experience-BitCot


There are many techniques you can use to improve the online experience for your audience. But it is crucial to determine how best to implement the most specific tactics at first to be most beneficial to your customers.

  1. Seek feedback
    When customers leave a review or rating, it validates the product more than any advertising could. On average, 69% of consumers want more reviews on websites. To appear authentic and open to feedback, companies must accommodate these requests.
  2. Encourage visual storytelling
    Using videos, images, and other multimedia to help customers learn about your products is a great way to reach potential customers who are hesitant about buying. 72% of consumers surveyed said that watching videos would likely result in fewer purchases if the content was not engaging enough.
  3. Virtual assistance
    Providing real-time support with human support staff is impractical, but leaving customers to fend for themselves is not an option. Implementing chatbots and other AI-enabled tools allows you to offer 24-hour on-demand assistance, which provides convenience for your customers that was never before possible.

  4. Optimize for mobile
    Ecommerce will be nearly impossible without mobile devices in the coming years. Any site that is not optimized for mobile risks alienating its users.
    There is much competition when it comes to eCommerce sites nowadays. Consumers are used to a certain quality, so they would not be happy if they had to settle for something less than expected.
    But it also means that when your users are satisfied and the experience is perfect, an eCommerce site can succeed on its own.
  5. UX and design audit
    Once you can see things from your customer’s perspective, it should make sense to explore your brand’s digital experience through their eyes.
     The few factors to consider here are as follows:  
  • Site functionality and navigation: Are customers able to do what they want to do on your site? Are they able to find the right products, content, or other information with ease? Can customers follow a streamlined checkout process?
  • Content: Does your on-site content not only engage the customer but also increase efficiency for business? Does it align with the brand’s overall “feel”? Is there a seamless eCommerce experience from start to finish? Does it help the customer continue their journey without any interruptions or delays?
  • Immersive experience: Are your customers able to immerse themselves in your on-site shopping experience? What is that which you do to get them more engaged? Is there any area on your site that will distract from their experience?

The aforementioned ways will help you identify any glaring areas in need of improvement and reach a better balance between aesthetics and functionality.

Create a user-friendly web design without sacrificing UX

To build a better eCommerce store, you need to consider user experience. However, there are some steps that you can take to make your site user-friendly and attractive without sacrificing UX:

  • Create an app for your Shopify store that will allow customers to shop on their mobile devices. This way, they can easily search for the product they want and buy it from your online store.
  • Design your website focusing on the customer’s needs and not just design aesthetics. This means that you should use a responsive layout that adjusts itself according to the device it is viewed from.
  • Optimize your website for SEO purposes to rank higher in search engines like Google or Bing.

How to create a curated look of products in your online store?

A curated look of products in your online store is the key to converting visitors into buyers, and it helps you show off your best products and attractively showcase them. There are a few ways that you can build a curated look of products for your online store:

  • Use the product array tool to choose the products with similar features.
  • Use the product grid tool to arrange the products in rows and columns.
  • Use a single image for each product with different backgrounds and text overlays.
  • Create a gallery of images for each product, where images are linked through the text on the page.



Over time, the internet has changed the way we do business. It has made it possible for us to reach out to our potential customers worldwide, but it also makes it harder for us to build long-term relationships with them.

Apart from that, it is not just about having a great product or service but also about building a solid foundation of trust and relationships with your target audience.

Competition in the market is extremely tough and requires meeting customer needs at the highest level, which cannot be achieved without understanding what they are looking for. 

If you wish to stay ahead of the game by offering your customers a stellar customer experience, you can avail the services of leading companies that build Shopify stores. This can be attained through eCommerce stores and other online marketing avenues, which are typically more advantageous than offline marketing efforts. 

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