Custom Medical Software Development & Enterprise Mobile Apps

BitCot is an award-winning Software Development Company that focuses on highly qualitative, timely delivered and cost-effective Medical & healthcare software services. Patients will receive enhanced experience and accessibility to healthcare services through the development and customization of BitCot’s tech.

  • Services We Offer:

    BitCot handles end to end software development services for healthcare, including data analytics, cloud services, augmented & virtual reality technologies services.

  • API Development

    BitCot offers comprehensive API Development solutions based on the needs of the tech, services are designed for custom and personalized uses, including the development of apps for mobile.

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  • Application Maintenance

    BitCot takes steps for the maintenance of the software & looks after the smooth functioning. Behavior of the software are monitored to ensure instant fixing & up-gradation as required.

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  • Data Back-Up

    On-premises, cloud, hybrid recovery solutions are provided by BitCot for the security in all situations. The backup can be scheduled as an automatic task with a custom period.

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  • Migration Service

    The backups can be restored or migrated to any new or existing system. It can also be integrated on the cloud or local on-site storage.

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  • Implementation & Deployment

    The custom-built solutions are installed & configured timely & efficiently. Implementation & deployment of the solutions are planned & executed to eliminate all bugs.

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Benefits of Healthcare App Development Industry

The software monitors the patient’s activities during observation and post-doctor consultation. Using the results, the course of treatment can be recommended. Healthcare software has made it possible to de-localize the monitoring of patient activity and treat the patient holistically while considering all possible conditions.

EMR & EHR <br/> Management
Better Patient <br/>Interaction
Better Patient
Manage Pharmacy <br/>& Inventory
Manage Pharmacy
& Inventory
Reduce <br/>Operational Cost
Operational Cost
Improve Staff <br/>Efficiency
Improve Staff
Safer Patient <br/>Data Storage
Safer Patient
Data Storage

HIPAA compliant cloud integration for hosting and storage

Compliant Cloud Hosting

Development of the tech compliant with HIPAA, ensuring all the boxes are checked for the development of a secure system. The cloud services will be secured, without any breaches or flags, including safety from unauthorized access. Storing and processing of Protected Health Information is mandatory.

Google Drive Google Drive Dropbox Dropbox Dropbox Dropbox Carbonite Carbonite Box Box

Compliant Secure Block Storage

The services are provided keeping in mind the growing needs for an expanding business. Future requirements of additional storage are available along with an environment for secured data. BitCot provides an added layer of protection through backup services for the data collected and stored. A comprehensive package is developed, including hosting, storing, processing, email, scheduling, and allied services.

Compliant Secure Block Storage

Build Custom Practice Management Systems for
Health Care and Home Health Services

Practice Management Systems execute the operational, administrative and financial activities. Sundry matters, including scheduling, follow-ups, medical tests, etc. can be managed through the software.

Practice Management Systems execute the operational, administrative and financial activities. Sundry matters, including scheduling, follow-ups, medical tests, etc. can be managed through the software.
  • Documentation of accurate information and patient history
  • Simultaneous treatment & observation of patients
  • Efficient information sharing within the team
  • Patient registration, scheduling, & logbook
  • Synchronized with Cloud
  • Insurance Check
  • Customer Support
  • Patient Invoicing

Build Clinical Research and Pharma Software Development

Conducting of clinical research and collection of clinical research data is benefited with healthcare tech. The tech provides solutions and suggestions for the process of the trials for optimized and targeted results. These tools have the ability to arrange data for enhanced study of the trials and for relevant inference.

Development process of Clinical trial system and electronic health record (EHR) system in CoreValue

Reviewing Customer Requirements

Reviewing Customer Requirements

For the identification of the Clinical Trial Management Software, the key topics of research are identified. Post analysis of the specific requirements, the key requisites are identified. The best approach or clinical research methodology is undertaken based on the solutions to the key requisites.

Selecting the Best Approach

Selecting the Best Approach

The key methodology and process for the research are identified based on the key requisites of the research. It is critical to weigh in the goal of the research to streamline the process and maintain the focus of the trial. With close attention to the goal, the best process is derived and prepared for commencement.

Providing a Top-notch End Product

Providing a Top-notch End Product

The end product is designed with the specific requirements of the trial. The software is tailored for efficient study and documentation. It is designed for accurate findings to optimize the study. The focus remains on maintaining precision and adopting the most suitable software to eliminate non-core activities.

The Digital Transformation of Healthcare Software Development