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Best Practices For Working With A Mobile Application Development Company

By September 14, 2022December 12th, 2023Mobile Apps
Mobile Application Development Company

Mobile apps have taken the world by storm, transforming consumer preferences and revolutionizing the way businesses provide value. After hitting the $581.9 billion mark in revenue in 2020, worldwide mobile application development company revenue is predicted to reach a new milestone in 2022 – $808.7 billion. Mobile app development is defined as a set of processes and activities involved in writing software for mobile devices. Mobile app development includes applications for a whole range of devices: tablets, smartwatches, phones, and any other portable device.

Even with the explosive growth and revenue-generating capabilities in the mobile app development market, at least 80% of applications still fail. That’s why strategy and trust is so important when working with a mobile application development company. Working with trusted developers is crucial for your business to reap the benefits of this bustling market. Working with a mobile application development company requires teamwork and understanding from all parties involved. As experienced developers, we are sharing today the best practices for working with a mobile application development company.

Break Down Tasks Into Small and Manageable Chunks

The mobile development process involves many intricate tasks from beginning to end. To ensure that none are missed, it’s important to set everything in place early on with your mobile application development company. Break down the tasks into smaller manageable ones, then set the requirements for each of them. It may also be helpful to set deadlines and goals for each task. By doing this, you can easily control the workflow and know which stage should be allocated more time to complete. This practice is going to be beneficial for everyone involved.

Have a Clear Vision From the Beginning

Have a Clear Vision From the Beginning-BitCotThe possibilities are endless when working with a mobile application development company to build a mobile app. From feature options to design choices, your mobile app can be and look whatever you want it to. But it’s important to keep in mind that your mobile app cannot be everything or solve every problem. Have a clear vision of the value you want to provide and limit the number of features you want.

To get started, you should list all the features that are the most important for the functionality of your app. Then, other elements can be built around these core features. This is the first thing that you need to do right to create the best app. This will help you reduce the chance of making bugs and errors during the development process. At the same time, you can ensure all the features are well-connected with each other and that the user doesn’t feel overwhelmed by your platform.

Your potential users will be the ones who use and experience your app. Their satisfaction is key for client retention, reputation building, and bringing in more users. A key part of working with a mobile application development company is to keep the user experience in mind. For the user, it all comes down to these factors: convenience, speed, and experience. Ensure you invest enough resources in them from the very beginning stages!


With mobile app testing, there are bound to be some glitches and mistakes right after development. That is why it is key to test your app’s performance before public release. Mobile app testing helps validate the appearance, performance, and functionality of apps across multiple devices.

Testing should be on your mind all the time throughout the whole mobile development process. If you don’t test your app periodically, it’ll probably be much harder and more complex to identify and fix bugs later. Having your mobile application development company perform regular tests can also help you minimize final costs.

Choose a Monetization Model

Choose a Monetization Model-BitCot
Monetization is a way of translating an asset into a revenue stream. There are many ways you can monetize your mobile app to achieve different revenue goals. When deciding on an app monetization strategy, you’ll need to consider your app’s target audience. Some audiences are willing to spend money on paid apps, while in some cases, you’ll need to use in-app advertising or other strategies.

This is another area where working with a trusted mobile application development company is valuable, as they can advise on the best course of action.  There are so many different app monetization strategies available, all of which have their benefits and downsides, with proper research you’ll find the right model for your business and your user.

One suggestion is to look at other apps that are similar to yours and how they chose to monetize. This can give you a better idea of which strategies will be most successful with your target app users. Some key monetization strategies include advertising, affiliate marketing, lead generation, reselling code, transaction fees, freemium, and subscription.

Don’t Forget Design!

Don’t Forget Design-BitCotWhile functionality and value are important to developing a mobile application, the design also plays a key role in a mobile app’s success. The main reason that mobile app design is so important is that it has a dramatic effect on user experience. The way your app looks and moves plays a critical role in the way a user feels when interfacing with it. Good mobile application development company

Imagine this: you open a newly downloaded app that only displays a quick logo, opens to a basic home screen, and expects you to do the rest. The buttons are hard to read or situated in weird places so you have to think about every move you make to ensure it’s the right one. This doesn’t sound like it will provide a positive user experience. Now imagine opening a newly downloaded app that displays motion graphics, opens to a beautifully designed home screen, and gives you easy-to-follow commands to get you familiar with the layout of the app.

This is more like it right? Another benefit of having a well-designed app is the way your app is portrayed in the marketplace and how professional it looks to users. First impressions matter in such a crowded market with tight competition. A good mobile application development company will help you anticipate user behavior and inform you on which designs can result in an intuitive interface.

When it comes to mobile application development, it truly takes a village to create a successful platform. This is a project that doesn’t simply happen overnight, so make sure you choose developers you trust and enjoy working with. At BitCot, we work very closely with our clients to design and build unique platforms and high-quality digital solutions. To learn more about working with our development team, visit

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